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Table Percentage

The TABLE is the large flat facet on the crown or top of a diamond. The table directly affects scintillation, or sparkle in a diamond. The combination of table size and crown angle governs the balance between brilliance, flashes of white light returning to the eye from within the diamond, and dispersion, the play of spectral colors seen by the eye created by refracted light as it prisms through a diamond's facets.

Round Brilliant Cut:

Research indicates that it is better to select a round brilliant cut diamond that has a table percentage between 53 and 62%. Round diamonds with table percentages between this range deliver greater brilliance and are considered to have very fine-ideal cut. Ideal table percentages are different for different shape diamonds. Select your favorite diamond shape to learn specifications for ideal table percentage for that diamond shape.

Fancy Diamond Shapes:

Ideal table size can vary depending on the shape of the diamond you choose. Click the shape diamond you are interested in to learn how the table percentage effects the appearance of that diamond shape.

Click Diamond Shape To Ideal Table Percentage

Tolkowsky Ideal Cut

The Tolkowsky theoretical brilliant cut is a standard of proportions and facet angles that were calculated by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919.

The Tolkowsky theoretical model presents 53% as ideal table percentage. Today, highly respected gemological institutions endorse standards that include variations from the Tolkowsky model.

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