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The most valuable component in selecting a diamond is the service and expert assistance you receive when selecting your diamond. Because G.I.A certified diamond quality reports do not provide you with all the important details you must have to adequately evaluate a diamonds cut quality, having a qualified expert to verify all the aspects of your diamond selection is crucial.

Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. was established in 1967 by Oscar & Barbara Droste. Certified-Plus Diamonds is a division of Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc.

Droste's is the Home of Certified-Plus Diamonds & the The United States Gemological Laboratory. Droste's has two Certified Gemologist-Appraisers who carefully examine every diamond for quality based on the Seven C's of Diamond Quality: Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity, Credentials, Certification & Comparitive Value.

Every Certified-Plus Diamond is carefully examined in our A.G.S accredited gemological laboratory before it is considered for delivery or shipment to you.

Our Sarin proportion analyzer and the Gran Colorimeter provide important details about your selected diamond that is not shown on the G.I.A. diamond quality report. The accurate evaluation of color, clarity and a diamonds cut proportions are essential to the assurance of your diamonds quality.

Few jewelers or online diamond brokers provide you with this high standard of qualified service. Droste's delivers to you the comfort of knowing your diamond is carefully examined and evaluated before it is delivered and that the diamond you selected will meet the highest standard of excellence you expect when you receive it. This is the added value you receive from Droste's Certified-Plus Diamonds.

Visit Our Two Locations To Serve You:

  • Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc.
    Certified-Plus Diamonds (Main Office Division)
    4511 First Avenue
    Evansville, IN 47710
    Toll Free: (800) 766-7119
    International: (812) 422-4351
  • Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc.
    601 South Green River Road
    Evansville, IN 47715

Titleholders & Credentials:

  • Gregory S. Droste
  • Timothy B. Droste
  • Certified Gemologist-Appraisers
  • GIA Graduate Gemologist
  • Registered Member of the American Gem Society
  • A.G.S. Accredited Gemological Laboratory
  • Home Of The United States Gemological Laboratory
  • Member Jewelers Board of Trade, Top Rating (31)
  • Member Registered Jewelers Organization (RJO)

Bank Reference:

  • Fifth Third Bank 20 N.W. Third Evansville, IN 47715
  • Submit request for credit information: (812) 456-3331 Requests will be answered within 24 hours


  • Kemper CPA Group
    221 NW 5th Street 47708
    Evansville, IN 47708
    (812) 421-8000

Certified-Plus Diamonds has sold thousands of diamonds to customers throughout the U.S. and International community. Let our Certified Gemologist-Appraisers help you find the very best diamond value possible. We get the right diamond for you the first time, or we do not ship it. We have many satisfied clients from around the world who will testify to excellent service, quality and value. If you have any questions call us toll free at (800) 766-7119.

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