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(1)  'Free' Ring Cleaning & Inspection Policy

  • 'Free' Ring Cleaning & Inspection Policy:
    Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. offers 'Free' Ring Cleaning and Inspection on up to Five Items Per Visit. Bring in your jewelry anytime and we will inspect and clean up to five items of jewelry while you wait at no charge. Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. standard 'Free' cleaning and inspection service is usually done while you wait. The cleaning is designed to remove the heaviest elements of debris and soap and restore noticeable brilliance and beauty to your jewelry. 

    Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. Complete Jewelry Detail Service provides a much more comprehensive cleaning and polishing on each piece of jewelry than is provided on our while you wait 'Free' cleaning and inspection service. 

  • Complete Jewelry Detailing:
    A Complete Jewelry Detailing Service requires jewelry items to be left for service. Detailing jewelry to like-new condition requires considerably more time than our 'Free' Ring Cleaning & Inspection. Complete Jewelry Detailing offers a complete repolishing of your jewelry to like-new condition as well as extended cleaning to remove all elements of debris or soap film from the precious metal, diamonds, and gemstones. 10K, 14K and 18K white gold rings are also detailed and a new rhodium finish is re-plated on the rings to bring back their original white precious metal color. One of our professional sales consultants or Master Jewelry Craftsmen will be happy to assist you with pricing details regarding our Complete Jewelry Detailing Service.

(2)  The Home Of Master Jewelry Craftsmanship:
Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. professional team of highly skilled Master Jewelry Craftsmen have over 150 years of combined experience at manufacturing and repairing of all types of jewelry, including silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and many other precious and non-precious metals. Whether you have a family heirloom that needs extensive repair or a valuable diamond or gemstone that needs to be set, you can always trust Droste’s with your most treasured jewelry and know it will be professionally repaired at Droste’s right on the premises at either convenient Droste’s location.

Our experienced sales consultants and Master Jewelry Craftsman take great care to examine your jewelry with you under the diamond scope before your jewelry is repaired. Since 1967, tens of thousands of people have come to trust Droste’s for the professional manufacturing and repair of their jewelry. When you need a piece of jewelry designed, manufactured, or repaired, Droste’s team of Master Craftsmen will provide the highest standard of quality. Below is a detailed outline of Droste’s professional jewelry repair take-in procedure:

(3)  Droste’s Comprehensive & Secure Service Procedures:

  • Examination:
    Before a jewelry item is repaired, an experienced Droste’s sales consultant or Master Jewelry Craftsmen will closely examine your jewelry items with you under a diamond scope to identify any needed repairs, defects, or wear.  This includes identifying any visible defects to the mounting, such as worn prongs, damaged settings, loose gemstones or diamonds, or any other potential problems. 

  • Documentation of Jewelry: 
    After examination, Droste’s professional sales consultant or Master Jewelry Craftsmen will document any characteristics that can be used for future identification of a jewelry item on the work order envelope.  These characteristics could include visible chips, cracks, or flaws in gemstones or diamonds, damaged support structures, irregularities in shape, potential weak spots, or other noteworthy areas of potential interest. Jewelry repair documentation is always provided to make sure possible defects or other noteworthy features are identified before the jewelry item is left to be repaired.

  • Repair Estimate: 
    An estimated cost of the repair is always provided prior to the start of a jewelry repair. If the ring needs to be sized, a stone replaced, or some other type of repair is required, the cost for the repair will be provided and documented on the repair work order on the envelope. This way the exact cost is specifically documented before any repair work is provided on a jewelry repair. Before a jewelry repair is processed, an estimate of completion date will be provided. A signature of approval is also required before any service is performed on a jewelry item. A carbon copy of the work order is attached to the job envelope and is provided to the customer of record before the repair is done on the jewelry item.

  • Computer Documentation: 
    The customer’s information is then logged into Droste’s computer records along with specific details describing the jewelry item being repaired. The repair instructions along with the estimated cost that was documented on the work order envelope is also logged into Droste's computer records for future reference.  Because a jewelry repair is documented in Droste’s computer records prior to delivery, Droste’s is able to quickly provide a complete detailed invoice at the time your jewelry repair is finished and delivered.

  • Repair is Performed & Completed: 
    The jewelry repair is then processed and professionally repaired by one of Droste's Master Jewelry Craftsmen. Every jewelry item that is repaired is also cleaned and polished to provide like new appearance at the time of delivery.

  • High Quality Inspection: 
    After the completion of the repair, the jewelry item is then inspected under a microscope to make sure it is properly repaired to meet the high standards for quality set by Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. This ensures the jewelry item is specifically inspected in the area, or areas, it was repaired, and the jewelry item is properly cleaned and polished, and rhodium plating is applied to white gold jewelry, and all gemstones and diamonds are individually inspected to make sure they are secure in their settings.

  • Delivery of a Jewelry Repair Item: 
    At the time your jewelry repair is ready for pickup, the jewelry will have been professionally cleaned and polished like new condition for final presentation and delivery. Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. takes great pride in providing the highest possible quality service.  It is often customary for our sales associates to again show a repaired jewelry item under the diamond scope. It is our way of letting you see for yourself just how fabulous your jewelry can look when it is repaired properly.

  • Our Service Warranty: 
    Droste's Jewelry Shoppes Inc. provides a 
    ONE YEAR limited warranty on qualifying jewelry repairs. Droste’s limited ONE YEAR warranty applies only to the specific repair, or repairs, performed by Droste’s as documented in Droste’s Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. service records. In the event there is a problem with any aspect of a documented repair, Droste’s Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. will repair or replace the specific part on the jewelry item that was previously repaired. 

    The limited 
    ONE YEAR warranty DOES NOT cover accidental damage, abuse, defects, or damage to other areas of the jewelry item that was not repaired. Droste’s does not provide a warranty on costume jewelry, antique jewelry, or any other jewelry that Droste’s declares to be customer risk as documented on the work order envelope. The decision to provide a warranty repair on a previously repaired jewelry item will be done at the full discretion of Droste’s Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. management after close examination of the jewelry item.

(4) Diamond & Gemstone Setting Policy & Warranty:

  • Limited 'ONE YEAR' Warranty & Limited 'ONE YEAR' Extended Warranty:
    Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. has a highly trained team of six Master Diamond & Gemstone Setters with the skill and experience to set virtually any Size, Shape, or Quality Diamond or Gemstone into any of today's most innovative jewelry settings. Whether it be a traditional prong set mounting, a channel setting, tension setting, bead setting, shared prong setting, semi or full bezel setting, or any other type of specialized setting, our Master Jewelry Craftsmen have the ability to set the Diamond or Gemstone exactly the way it is supposed to be set. 

    The art of setting fine diamonds and gemstones into a beautiful piece of jewelry requires very steady hands and focused concentration. Under limited magnification, a Droste's Master Diamond Setter must work to secure some of the worlds most valuable diamonds and gemstones, all the while knowing that there is no margin for error. One miscalculation or loss of focus can potentially damage a valuable diamond or gemstone.
      Yes, diamonds and gemstones are not indestructible; in fact, many are very risky to secure because they are often very brittle or vulnerable, especially at the points or corners where the prongs must be carefully lowered to secure them.

    This is why it is important to trust the setting of your valuable diamonds and gemstones to the Master Diamond Setters at Droste's. This way you have the assurance of knowing that when you purchase a jewelry mounting from Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc., and it is custom set with a diamond(s) or gemstone(s) purchased from Droste's, you are provided with a Limited 
    ONE YEAR Warranty that protects you from potential risks associated with securing these valuable gems in your new Droste's setting. In the event a the diamond or gemstone you purchase from Droste's becomes accidentally damaged during the setting process, or it is accidentally lost from mounting within a period of one year from the date of purchase, Droste's will replace the diamond or gemstone with one of equal quality and value and reset it securely in your recently purchased Droste's mounting at no charge.

  • Warranty Not Available on Customer Diamonds or Gemstones During Setting:
    Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc.'s. Limited ONE YEAR Warranty will only apply to conditions associated with normal jewelry wear, as determined by Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc, and Droste's Limited ONE YEAR Warranty will always be considered void and will NOT apply to jewelry mountings, diamonds, or gemstones purchased from Droste's that have been damaged as a result of intentional or accidental damage, abuse, or neglect by the purchaser. This determination will be made at the complete discretion of Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc. after close examination by Droste's. All Warranty related decisions made by Droste's management are considered final.

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