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Girdle Thickness

The girdle is the outer edge of a diamond. The grade of a diamond's girdle is determined by the appearance of the girdle at its thinnest point and thickest point. A diamond's girdle can be faceted, polished smooth, or have a slightly granular appearance. Very fine cut diamonds often have faceted girdles.

A diamond cutter must spend extra time to carefully facet a girdle's edge. A faceted girdle does not improve a diamonds grade. GIA grades only thickness of a diamonds girdle and not the surface appearance.

Ideal girdle thickness should range between Very Thin to Thick. Sometimes a diamond can have a perfect medium girdle around ninety-nine percent of its diameter and is only very thick at one very minute isolated point. This diamond will receive a GIA girdle grade as medium to very thick. In this case, choosing a diamond with a very thick girdle could be acceptable because only one minute part of the girdle reached very thick and it will unlikely affect the diamonds appearance. This judgment can only be made by visual inspection of a trained Certified-Gemologist-Appraiser. Diamonds that have grades extremely thin, very thick, or extremely thick are usually not recommended.

Abbreviations For Girdle Thickness:

  • EXTN, ET, XT, EXN = Extremely Thin
  • VTN, VT, VETN = Very Thin
  • T, TN, TH = Thin
  • M, ME, MD = Medium
  • STK, ST, SLTK, SLTH = Slightly Thick
  • T, TK, TH = Thick
  • VTK, VTH, VETK, VET = Very Thick
  • ET, EXTK, XT, XTK = Extremely Thick
  • F, FA, FAC = Faceted
  • S, SM = Smooth
  • P, PO = Polished

If you are searching for a diamond using the Certified-Plus Diamond diamond search feature, you will get a list of diamonds which show many details about the diamonds cut.

The descriptions on each diamond are entered as they appear on the certified diamond report of quality. The girdle description is abbreviated. Please note, the abbreviations can vary due to differing methods of database input used by diamond cutters. If you have any questions regarding girdle thickness contact Droste's Certified Gemologist-Appraisers and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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