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Fluorescence in some degree is common in a great percentage of diamonds. Fluorescence is a form of luminescence that is created when a diamond is exposed to low or high wave ultraviolet radiation. Faint or medium fluorescence will rarely affect a diamond's appearance. Usually fluorescence is unnoticed by the human eye in ordinary light. Fluorescence can cause a diamond to appear less clear or slightly hazy if the diamond exhibits very strong or extreme fluorescence.

When selecting your diamond it is best to choose a diamond that has no fluorescence or faint to moderate fluorescence. Diamonds that possess strong fluorescence in color grades lower than the color grade of H will often face up approximately one color grade better than a non-fluorescent diamond. Strong fluorescence can actually improve the appearance of diamonds that possess traces of color. Diamonds that possess strong fluorescence in colorless to very near colorless grades D through G sometime exhibit a noticeable luminescence which can give the diamond a hazy appearance. A strong or extremely fluorescent diamond can usually be purchased for 10 to 30% less than a diamond that possesses fluorescence that is moderate or better.

Listed below is a list of abbreviations for describing strength of fluorescence.

  • N, NO, NON, - No Fluorescence
  • F, FB, FT, FA, - Faint or Faint Blue Fluorescence
  • SL, SLB, SLT, - Slight Fluorescence
  • M, MO, ME, MD - Medium or Moderate Fluorescence
  • S, ST, STB, STG, - Strong Fluorescence
  • E, EX, EXB, EF, - Extreme Fluorescence

If you are searching for a diamond using the Certified-Plus Diamond diamond search feature, you will get a list of diamonds showing many details about each diamonds cut. The descriptions on each diamond are entered as they appear on the certified diamond report of quality. The fluorescence description is abbreviated as shown above. Please note, the abbreviations can vary due to differing methods of database input that is used by different diamond cutters.

If you have any questions regarding symmetry contact Certified-Plus Diamonds at 1-800-766-7119. Our Certified Gemologist-Appraisers will answer any questions you have. Certified-Plus Diamonds has sold hundreds of diamonds with symmetry grades within the range of Excellent to Good. Abbreviations vary slightly due to variables in database input.

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