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Droste's Loves Light Diamond

Why are more and more couples in love choosing the Droste 'Love's Light' Diamond?

The answer is simply,

Unmatched Brilliance, Certified Quality, & Comparative Lower Price.

Droste's 'Love's Light' Ideal Cut Diamonds' provide the highest standards for brilliance combined with better diamond value. This is why Droste's 'Love's Light' Diamonds are quickly becoming the diamond of choice by couples in love for their engagement or wedding ring.

What make the Droste's 'Loves Light' Diamond so desirable over all other diamonds? It can only be the added brilliance that 'Loves Light' Diamond displays resulting from the exacting selection process used by Droste's highly trained Certified Gemologist-Appraisers to select only the very finest cut diamonds from the best diamond cutters in the world.

Our Certified Gemologist-Appraisers use today's newest technology to distinguish only the finest cut diamonds from thousands of diamonds. By using our 'Loves Light' diamond viewing scope we are able to evaluate and compare to see the true diamond brilliance before any diamond is chosen to be a 'Love's Light' Diamond.

Come in soon to either Droste's location and see a Droste's 'Love's Light' Diamond for yourself and you will discover that it is truly one of the world's most beautiful and brilliant diamonds. When you do, you will be able to look at it using our exclusive 'Love's Light' Diamond Viewing Scope. The same scope our Certified Gemologist-Appraisers used to select your diamond for it's superior cut quality and brilliance.

The 'Love's Light' Viewing Scope: The 'Love's Light' Viewing Scope lets you see true brilliance by displaying its brilliance as shades of visible blue colors on a monitor or picture. These blue colors are the actual rays of light that enter the diamond and return to the eye as flashes of white light or sparkle. Sparkle is what every woman loves to see in her diamond, and it's the sparkle that makes a Droste's 'Loves Light' Diamond so breathtakingly beautiful when compared to other diamonds.

It is important to know why a 'Love's Light' Diamond is unmatched in brilliance. A great majority of the diamonds sold today are less brilliant because the quality of the cut is compromised. This is because diamond cutters know the more diamond weight retained from the uncut diamond crystal, the more the finished diamond will weigh, and the more it can be sold for. Unfortunately, this added diamond weight reduces the brilliance of a diamond.

Our 'Love's Light' Diamond Viewing Scope exposes less brilliant inferior cut diamonds. This includes the many certified diamonds that are commonly sold today. Don't be fooled, simply because a diamond is certified does not mean it is cut correctly.

COMPARE: Droste's 'Love's Light' Ideal Diamond to Nationally Branded 'Hearts on Fire'.

Droste's 'Love's Light' Ideal Cut Diamonds show the same Heart & Arrows pattern associated with super ideal cuts without the added cost of national branding. The images below show the Hearts & Arrows pattern present in a Droste's 'Love's Light' Ideal Cut Diamond. The same pattern you see in national branded 'Hearts of Fire' diamonds.

Don't pay extra for the high cost of super fine cut quality branded diamonds like, 'Hearts on Fire' or 'Eight Star', when you could purchase an equal quality Droste's 'Loves Light' Ideal Cut Diamond for significantly less.

Most nationally recognized branded diamonds like 'Hearts on Fire' and 'Eight Star' are exclusively offered only to selected jewelry stores throughout the U.S. who pay a very high premium to purchase these branded name diamonds. The added cost most jewelry stores pay to sell these nationally branded diamonds can often be up to 25% more than the cost of a Droste's 'Love's Light' Ideal Cut Diamond.

Because 'Love's Light' Ideal Cut Diamonds are an exclusive branded trademark of Droste's Jewelry Shoppes, Inc., Droste's is able to carefully hand select these very high cut quality diamonds from the world's best diamond cutters at much less cost without added premium associated with nationally advertised branded diamonds.

If you desire a branded diamond that displays the 'Hearts and Arrows' pattern commonly seen in super ideal cut diamonds, a Droste's 'Love' Light Ideal Cut offers this same distinguishing pattern at a fraction of the cost of nationally advertised branded diamonds.

Our experienced Certified Gemologist-Appraisers and highly trained diamond consultants look forward to helping you find a 'Love's Light' Diamond that is right for you. Visit either Droste's today and discover the Droste diamond difference for yourself.

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